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    About Utrecht University Library Open Access Journals

    Utrecht University Library, as part of Utrecht University (the Netherlands), is actively involved in the educational and academic culture in Utrecht. Utrecht University considers open access to be a high priority, at the university, in The Netherlands and also worldwide. On May 9, 2005 the Executive Board signed the Berlin Declaration. In 2009 Utrecht University committed itself to making publications from their scientists freely available in the Utrecht University Repository. In 2013 Utrecht University started an Open Access Fund that is still supported today.


    Uopen Journals uses the so-called incubator model. This model aims to help academic journals to become high-quality, peer-reviewed periodicals in three to six years. At the end of this period a journal will ideally have a sustainable financial model and maximum impact in its subject area, and is ready for self-publishing or for a transfer to the (commercial) open access market. To reach these goals, the Uopen team offers tools and expertise in editorial workflow, business models, marketing, sustainable archiving and other domains.

    History in open access publishing

    Utrecht University Library Open Access Journals was founded in 2003 under the name Igitur, Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services. In 2013 the library unit Igitur was compelled to evaluate its publishing model and decided to change its course. In 2014 Uopen Journals was launched with a renewed incubator model for Utrecht affiliated journals and an enhanced team that also brought additional expertise.


    Jeroen Sondervan - Publishing Consultant


    Willemijn Astro - Publishing Support


    Fleur Stigter – Marketing / Business Development Consultant       



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